My focus is on the 19 years that my parents, George and Stella LaPointe spent as lighthouse keepers on Heron Island, New Brunswick.

I hope you will find their story of these years interesting and I hope it will give you a bit of an insight into what life was like back then for George and Stella and the other families on the island and across the country.


The stories that I have attempted to tell on these pages are stories that were told to me by my parents and my brothers and sisters over the years. If any of the details are not exactly what those who lived the stories remember them to be, I apologise. I have tried not to deviate […]

Heron Island’s Last Human Birth

It was a bright, warm August 4th, and the year was 1938. Adolf Hitler and his troops had advanced into Austria and the Sudetenland and, with Munich behind him, was about to take the rest of Czechoslovakia. Mussolini, with his conquest of Ethiopia, would make a swift lunge into Albania. All of Europe was on […]

The Legend of The Phantom Ship Of The Baie Des Chaleurs

Here is a Poem about the Phantom Ship, written by Bart Firth, a Dawsonville photographer, who is kindly letting me use it on the site. Thanks Bart Visit Bart’s site and see his excellent work The Phantom Ship of the Baie Des Chaleurs You will never get close To the ship that’s a ghost That […]

Some LaPointe Ancestry

In the 1780’s, what is now known as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Gaspe Peninsula of the Province of Quebec was all called Nova Scotia. It was, at the time, the fourteenth province of the United States. New Brunswick became a separate entity in 1784. Cape Breton had been made a province on its […]

The Mercier Connection

Stella was a small, delicate girl with hair almost white and light blue eyes. She first saw George LaPointe when she was ten and he was eighteen. She thought he was a terrible pest of a man who teased her and called her pet names. He was tall, dark, good looking and had curly hair […]

Beginning A New Life

In the early 1920’s, the Canadian economy was wavering, and jobs were difficult to find. The country’s farmers were trying to adjust to the sudden post-war drop in the prices they were being paid for their produce. The men were all back home from overseas. Nearly a million and a half immigrants had come from […]

The Island

Heron Island had been divided into twelve farms, running north to south. The families who took up the land grants in the 1850’s enjoyed a good life. They were mainly self-sufficient, in the way that the “Back-to-the-Landers” of today could only dream of duplicating. They’d had to build their own homes. Some of them were […]

The Children

Before settling on the island, Beatrice, the first born, arrived in 1921. The first baby born to them while they lived on the island, was to die within hours of her birth. Stella would become pregnant a short while later, and the next child was also a girl, Louise, born on the mainland, in 1923. […]

Some Strange Occurrences

From time to time, large ships came over to the island to pick up lumber, which Stella says was taken to “the old country”. On one such visit, the captain of the ship was from New York. He had two teenaged daughters. The two young women had made the trip up from New York to […]