George and Stella taken shortly after they left the island.

The stories that I have attempted to tell on these pages are stories that were told to me by my parents and my brothers and sisters over the years. If any of the details are not exactly what those who lived the stories remember them to be, I apologise. I have tried not to deviate too much from what I was told, but you must remember that I was told the same stories by different members of the family, and their own recollections may be different from those of the others involved.

Nevertheless, I hope that you will get some enjoyment from these pages, and, most of all, I hope that the grandchildren will see their grandparents as human people with hopes and dreams just like the rest of us.

While there are, I’m sure, many more photos that could have been included, these were not available to me, so I had to use what I could get. The quality of the reproduction of some of them are not perfect, but, still, the people are recognizable. It’s only too bad that I couldn’t get a complete family photo, or some younger photos of Mom. But read on, anyway.