19 Years On Heron Island

For George and Stella


Heron Island's Last Human Birth

The Legend Of The Phantom Ship Of The Baie Des Chaleurs

Some LaPointe Ancestry

The Mercier Connection

Beginning A New Life

The Island

The Children

Some Strange Occurances

The Day To Day Realities

Unforgettable Christmases

The Five Dresses

The Family Grows Larger

More Sons

The LeBlanc Fortune

The Last Son

The War Ends It All

Heron Island Today - a footnote

Last Word - The Legacy

Another Update On The Island and Some Photos

Some Links Of Interest:
Irene's Geneology and History Site

Some New Mills and area history

My focus is on the 19 years that my parents, George and Stella LaPointe spent as lighthouse keepers on Heron Island, New Brunswick.

I hope you will find their story of these years interesting and I hope it will give you a bit of an insight into what life was like back then for George and Stella and the other families on the island and across the country.

Please give me some feedback through email. Read on.


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