19 Years On Heron Island

For George and Stella


Heron Island's Last Human Birth

The Legend Of The Phantom Ship Of The Baie Des Chaleurs

Some LaPointe Ancestry

The Mercier Connection

Beginning A New Life

The Island

The Children

Some Strange Occurances

The Day To Day Realities

Unforgettable Christmases

The Five Dresses

The Family Grows Larger

More Sons

The LeBlanc Fortune

The Last Son

The War Ends It All

Heron Island Today - a footnote

Last Word - The Legacy

Another Update On The Island and Some Photos


George and Stella always showed kindness to those less fortunate. They set an example for the entire family with their caring attitude toward others. Stella used to say "If you have a loaf of bread, and your neighbour has none, give him half a loaf", and she practised this in her daily life.

Of the family of eleven raised by George and Stella, eight paint or do crafts. Perhaps the other three do as well, but keep it a secret. Many of the grandchildren paint or are involved in other creative endeavours, such as jewellery making, crafts and music.

Where did this all come from?
Stella made beautiful crafts, that is, her flowers, which were so real, you expected them to smell like the real thing, and her baskets. George was a carver. He especially enjoyed carving landscape and seascape silhouettes on wood. He also built model ships, not from a kit, but from scratch. He has left a beautiful cedar chest, which has no nails, it is just held together with little wooden pegs, which he whittled. All of this creativity is natural and untrained. Those who took formal training already had a gift and were just giving it "polish".

I hope that this story has helped the reader to know George and Stella better and to realize that they were once young and full of life and love. Although they are both gone now, they live on in their descendants; George with his love of people and travel, Stella with her delicate handiwork and love of home. They are missed by all whom they touched.

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