19 Years On Heron Island

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Heron Island's Last Human Birth

The Legend Of The Phantom Ship Of The Baie Des Chaleurs

Some LaPointe Ancestry

The Mercier Connection

Beginning A New Life

The Island

The Children

Some Strange Occurances

The Day To Day Realities

Unforgettable Christmases

The Five Dresses

The Family Grows Larger

More Sons

The LeBlanc Fortune

The Last Son

The War Ends It All

Heron Island Today - a footnote

Last Word - The Legacy

Island Update and Some Photos

Island Update and Some Photos

The plans to turn Heron Island into a grand multicultural theme park appear to have fallen by the wayside.
These days, the island has some trails marked with names of the twelve original families who had been given land on the island.
A Native group is caretaking and seeing that no further harm comes to it. The clams seem to have returned enough to be harvested once more.
I get emails from families who had ancestors on the island, and am very happy to hear from them. Although I never knew any of them personally, there is some connection there, because I so often heard my parents speak of the people who lived there when they did, and I'm sure that is the case with those who contact me.
Below are a few family photos that I wanted to share:

George and His Brother Angus

George and His Brother Clem

Me and My Dad Just After The Second World War

Gramma Mercier, Stella's Mother

Mom and Dad Outside The House
He Built In Val Caron, ON

Stella's Uncle, Father William

I will be digging up other photos to post. I will post photos of all of George and Stella's children.

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